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Call for applications

The French Tech Toulouse organizes international missions. Come and learn more!
Call for applications

The French Tech Toulouse wishes to organize 2 delegations:


Demonstrate the potential for international development for startups and make the territory of Toulouse more visible thanks to the image conveyed by the ambassadorial startups.

Facilitate startups in Toulouse to access foreign clients and help them in their international development.

Demonstrating the richness of Toulouse in terms of digital and innovation for foreign actors.

Linkages with the local ecosystem, exchanges with contractors and institutional investors, local investors and entrepreneurs

Toulousaine Delegation to the French Touch Conference

The French Touch Conference New York - June 27 to 29, 2017

A mission to New York on the occasion of the French Touch Conference which will take place from 27 to 29 June 2017 inclusive: 2 days of conference and 1 day of appointments and professional visits.

The French Touch Conference is an itinerant professional event focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Its mission is to build bridges between France, Europe and other startup ecosystems all over the world. The French Touch Conference was founded in 2014 by Gaël Duval, a digital entrepreneur. Since then, four editions have taken place: three in New York, each year bringing together about 600 participants and one in San Francisco. The event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and many others who are innovative, creative, open to the world and ready to connect.


  •     Participate in the conference
  •     Presenting French startups abroad
  •     Meet local business partners based on the needs of selected companies

Register until May 08, 2017


 Toulouse Delegation to the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv

DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv - September 3 to 7, 2017 included

A mission to Tel Aviv on the occasion of the DLD Innovation Festival which will take place from 3 to 7 September 2017 inclusive.

Launched in 2010, the Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, DLD Tel Aviv, is the most emblematic annual event of the Israeli hi-tech. On the program throughout the city of Tel Aviv, there are many technical conferences, demonstrations, a wealth of meet-ups, demonstrations, pitch platforms and speed dating. Each year, DLD Tel Aviv attracts thousands of Israeli and foreign participants, including 300 French: start-ups, venture capitalists, business angels, large multinationals such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and opinion leaders of global innovation .


  •     4 and 5 September 2017: Cities Summit -

This summit aims to bring together policy makers and entrepreneurs from around the world to analyze trends in the field of technological innovation that will help to develop cities.

  •     6 and 7 September 2017: DLD "Digital-Life-Design"

A major trade fair for hi-tech and digital industries, with hundreds of start-ups, venture capitalists and large multinationals.

Register until May 08, 2017


Assets of the country:

    A dynamic market, Western consumption patterns.
    An appetite for novelty and quality.
    True "economy of innovation" Israel has become a technological power, leader in the fields of ICT, information technology, nanotechnology, health and clean technologies.

About Tel Aviv:

    More than 700 startups and 1,200 technology companies, with only 415,000 inhabitants.
    The second largest ecosystem among start-ups in the world, just behind Silicon Valley and ahead of New York, London or Berlin.
    The preferred venture capital venture, the one that generates the most funds, just after Silicon Valley.