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French Tech Ticket 2017

Startups are a central part of the economic strategy of our territory, and well beyond our borders. Creators of jobs and value, they are destined to internationalize themselves by attracting in France talents and investors from all over the world.
French Tech Ticket 2017

In 2015, French Tech set up the French Tech Ticket. This program aims to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to come and create their startups in France. A call for applications from international startups has been launched in order to select and welcome for a year international entrepreneurs with an ambitious project, in creation or already created. For one year, they will benefit from the specific facilities and accompaniment proposed by the partners of the French Tech Ticket program.

Détail du dispositif d'accueil :

  • Financing of € 45,000 per project to cover, as a matter of priority,
  • A 12-month incubation within one of the 41 partner incubators, throughout France, with a mid-term evaluation at 6 months,
  • An accelerated and simplified procedure for issuing a residence permit for prize-winners and their families,
  • A dedicated animation and accompaniment program,
  • A Help Desk to assist the laureates in the administrative formalities (residence permit, financing, taxation, insurance, social security);
  • A practical help to the personal installation (find a lodging, a practical guide to the installation in the city with special offers ...)

Results of the national call for applications:

  • 8150 expressions of interests enumerated
  • More than 100 countries represented among the candidates. The countries most represented among the candidatures: India, United States, Egypt, Brazil and Russia.

Results on Toulouse

  • 3 accelerators selected
  • 5 startups selected, ie 13 entrepreneurs
  • 7 nationalities represented: Canadians, Indians, Australians, Irish, Spaniards, Germans, Slovenes)