All on the French Tech

You often hear "French Tech" but do not always understand what it is? We explain everything!
All on the French Tech

"French Tech" refers to the community of those who work in or for French startups, in France or abroad. Entrepreneurs in the first place, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, accelerators, incubators ... who are committed to the growth of startups and their international reach.

In order to support French start-ups, the French Tech Public Initiative was created at the end of 2013 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, relying initially on the actors of the French startups ecosystem, to structure and enhance what already existed, and to amplify a growing trend.

This public policy, innovative in the methodology used, has since stimulated a collective dynamic with the objective of placing France among the major startups nations in the world. It is a shared ambition, initiated by the State but built and built with all actors in order to create economic value and jobs for our country.

The French Tech initiative also has a transversal objective: to increase the readability and coherence of public actions for startups and, if necessary, to initiate and pilot new programs.

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