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Small business act

Signed in December 2014, this Small Business Act charter, which is shared by the City of Toulouse, Toulouse Métropole and Tisséo, is a local growth accelerator and a lever for economic development among SMEs, in the service of local employment.
Small business act

The Small Business Act charter, devised with the economic actors, is shared by the Ville de ToulouseToulouse Métropole and Tisséo and organizations such as Oppidéa and Toulouse Habitat. The objective of this charter is to act as an economic development lever for SMEs (companies employing less than 250 people with a turnover of less than €50M a year), by facilitating treasury management, accelerating payment terms, and simplifying procedures.

While observing the principles of public procurement, this charter relies on key principles for new public procurement practices, and includes 48 commitments divided up into 7 articles :

  • Guaranteeing procurement performance 
  • Developing sustainable procurement 
  • Encouraging responsible procurement 
  • Simplifying, dematerialising 
  • Improving market performance conditions 
  • Improving relations with suppliers and controlling risks 
  • Supporting innovation and boosting growth throughout Smart City markets 

On 31 December 2015, 651-million euros of public procurement were invested by both communities and their satellites, 41.3 % of which were sent to SMEs (including nearly 30% of SMEs within Toulouse Métropole).
This charter is now being progressively extended to Toulouse Métropole member municipalities.

This means that startup companies in metropolitan Toulouse in particular can now directly benefit from this system, thus enabling them to respond more easily, and above all more rapidly, to invitations to tender made by public actors, the objective being to accelerate their access to the market.

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