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DIRECCTE, an intermediary

Innovation in public procurement is opening up potential markets for startups, and helping to stimulate the development of solutions suited to new requirements in terms of administration. The mission of DIRECCTE's innovative procurement referents is to advise and support ground-breaking companies in their approach aimed at accessing innovative public markets.
DIRECCTE, an intermediary

The State promotes the development of innovative public procurement purchasing according to a threefold objective:

  • supporting the growth of ground-breaking companies by financing the development of their innovations, and giving them access to new markets and a quality reference 
  • controlling public expenditure by improving the performance and effectiveness of public purchasing 
  • developing public support for the financing of innovations: in 2013, public procurement represented €71.5 billion (State, public establishments and communities).

Public procurement is a support tool in service of innovation that complements existing standards aids. 

Advantages for companies : 

  • direct funding to develop or commercialise a new product or cutting-edge service
  • access to new markets
  • access to anchor customers, to develop one's publicity and reputation

In the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region, regional public buyers have formed a college coordinated by the local Préfecture. This college is part of Toulouse's Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Procurement Strategy Club.
Furthermore, "innovative procurement" referents are appointed within DIRECCTE services, to support ground-breaking companies in their approaches aimed at accessing innovative public markets. 

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