Getting airborne

Ensuring your startup is airborne and going in the right direction.

A territory devoted to experiments

Toulouse and its surrounding area gives companies the possibility of conducting experiments while relying on innovative public-private partnerships.

Laboratoire des usages

Within the scope of Toulouse Metropole's Smart City approach, the Laboratoire des usages facilitates and supports the joint creation of projects for the benefit of users.
Laboratoire des usages

The laboratoire des usages is a facility chosen by Toulouse Métropole, and an integral part of the "smart city" approach, the objective of which is to promote and support the creation and development of new services and products that include a digital component, within an open innovation framework. Thanks to participative methods, it therefore associates companies, citizens, researchers, authority members, students and more. In other words, all the actors interested in the city's future, with 2 main lines of action: emergence, which starts with a blank sheet of paper and aims to invent new products or services in response to previously expressed needs, and the subsequent experimentation that facilitates or accelerates the marketing phase, all of which takes place in an open, collective setting. 

This tool is therefore the linchpin of Toulouse Métropole in terms of open innovation within the Smart City approach.
Throughout 2016 and 2017, the Laboratoire des usages will conduct a dozen or so joint creation processes, and will experiment on a dozen products and services.
If you would like to contact the Laboratoire des usages to conduct an experiment, please contact us.