Getting airborne

Ensuring your startup is airborne and going in the right direction.

A territory devoted to experiments

Toulouse and its surrounding area gives companies the possibility of conducting experiments while relying on innovative public-private partnerships.

Lean Start-up Ekito

Lean Startup methodology focuses on the main theories behind positioning: target market, channels of acquisition, value proposition, and price and cost models.
Lean Start-up Ekito

Ekito selects and supports startups and large groups in France and abroad, by relying on the culture of experimentation, among other things. 
All these founding theories must be subjected to experimentation and associated measures as soon as possible, for the purpose of investing in the right direction in the future and creating products and services that really matter.
Ekito's proposal is to confront startups with the real market in lean startup mode, and confront forecasts regarding products/services, to validate their value among users.