Getting airborne

Ensuring your startup is airborne and going in the right direction.

A territory devoted to experiments

Toulouse and its surrounding area gives companies the possibility of conducting experiments while relying on innovative public-private partnerships.

Open Métropole, a city devoted to innovation

Toulouse Métropole is building Open Métropole, the city of the future, and to do so it has implemented a new Smart City approach. The challenge is to exploit the potential of new technologies, to offer citizens a free-flowing, convivial, attractive and sustainable, high-performance city.
Open Métropole, a city devoted to innovation

One of the master plans for the Smart City was built up jointly by all vital forces throughout the territory around four main themes: mobility, energy, online administration and the autonomy of senior citizens.

Open Métropole has been built up around 3 key principles :  

  • Joint public/private construction
  • Putting citizens at the heart of the approach
  • Sharing public data: smart data.


Open Métropole has five goals for : 

  • an adaptable and efficient city with clean air
  • simpler, more free-flowing mobility
  • an international and deeply rooted metropolis 
  • a city where life is pleasant, friendly and intergenerational
  • to ensure Toulouse is more attractive, cleaner and safer.


Fifteen emblematic projects have already been defined.

The first experiments have begun around open data, the optimization of energy networks, smart lighting, remote management, low consumption, and connectivity. Already, 80 companies and €500M of public investments have been mobilised, to make Toulouse the Open Métropole of the future.