Getting airborne

Ensuring your startup is airborne and going in the right direction.

A territory devoted to experiments

Toulouse and its surrounding area gives companies the possibility of conducting experiments while relying on innovative public-private partnerships.

Tex Sicoval

Bringing innovation to fruition in real-life conditions, to access the market faster.
Tex Sicoval

As the key aspect of competitiveness, innovation reinforces a company's competitive edge. To validate the adequacy of your solution with user requirements, it is essential that you confront it with the market as soon as possible, whether it is still in project format or a prototype likely to be industrialised. And this is exactly what you can do thanks to Sicoval's Experimentation Territory plan.

6 advantages :

  • You validate your hypothesis prior to putting it on the market
  • Your enter into a partnership with the community
  • Your benefit from expert follow-up services
  • You get to make the most of community networks
  • The community is the reference for your customers
  • Your progress results are promoted right from the beginning of the experimentation phase

All projects presented must meet community requirements. Among the strategic areas targeted are: smart city (mobility, open data), clean tech (energy transition, smart grids), agri-biochains (agriculture 2.0, robotics), the silver economy, and population services (councils 2.0, e-services, etc.)

Depending on the level of maturity of your solution, there are 3 possible levels of experimentation :

  • The priming stage enables you to conduct your proof-of-concept phase over a short period, and to validate your forecasts with the community;
  • The development stage aims to validate specification forecasts, costs, etc. in the prototype stage (or industrial pilot test stage). It systematically compares the result of studies with feedback from user services (the community);
  • The deployment stage ensures the community is the reference for your technology among customers, and enables you to conquer new markets.

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