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Actions on a global scale

French Tech Toulouse partners offer ongoing support to startups tackling global markets, via a range of actions.
Actions on a global scale

Every year, French Tech Toulouse is present at all the major and unmissable international trade fairs, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in January and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. The startups selected to attend receive funding to help cover their travel and representation expenses. This type of support ensures Toulouse and regionally-based businesses get increased visibility at events organised under the French Tech label: an umbrella brand dedicated to promoting French excellence in the fields of digital creation and innovation.

As part of the twinning programme between Toulouse and the cities of Tel Aviv and Atlanta, a startup exchange scheme is being trialled. The idea is to enable the startup accelerators of each city to meet up for a one or two-week period during some of the year's major events (such in DLD à Tel Aviv and EmTech France in Toulouse), with the aim of building relationships between these startups and the ecosystems of all 3 cities. Toulouse-based startups will draw inspiration from the good practices of the ‘startup nation' (Tel Aviv) and get a foot in the door of the US market via a city listed by Forbes as one of the best places to kick-start a business. This action began in 2016 and is set to continue. 

Lastly, as a result of the relationship established between French Tech Toulouse and the French Tech hub in New York, a delegation of Toulouse-based startups is set to attend the French Touch conference in June. As well as getting access to the conferences, the startups will have the chance to meet local prime contractors and investors.
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