Launching into Orbit

Take the long view: analyse your market and make a success of your global launch.


Build up your global network to boost your local innovation ecosystem.

A sector-specific global development plan for regional enterprises

To boost the international growth of a startup venture, a range of promotional actions are required. They aim to enhance visibility and open doors to global markets, and are essentially carried out in the framework of the sector-specific plan drawn up by the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region.
A sector-specific global development plan for regional enterprises

Support for ICT companies 

2016 target countries: European Union countries, USA, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Japan, United Arab Emirates.
Objectives for companies in the ICT sector :

  • Develop commercial actions focused on these countries: prospecting, product presentation 
  • Build up partnerships: distribution network, franchise
  • Select the most effective type of local presence: representative office, branch, commercial or industrial subsidiary

Eligible companies: SMEs in the ICT sector: Software, Audiovisual, Telecoms, Video Games, Internet, IT Security.
Funding limit:   50% of expenses, limited to €3,000 


Support for digital startup ventures

2016 target countries: USA and Israel. 
The project aims to support startups in 3 main areas: Business model, tackling new markets, raising funds
Project objectives for startups :

  • Understand local development ecosystems
  • Identify the essential levers required to grow the business (models, targets, funding, etc.) and get their projects off the ground 
  • Make contact with prospective future customers for their products, technologies or processes

Eligible companies: SMEs in the ICT, digital and applications sector
Funding limit:   50% of expenses, limited to €3,000
Operator: CCIR (local chamber of commerce and industry) - Michel de BELLERIVE
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Region / Export support contract

Objective: provide support to companies with an export development strategy. Boost the launch of a new or existing product in one or more new markets.
Classification of eligible companies: Very small, small and medium-sized businesses in the industrial sector (TPE, PME and ETI in France). 
Eligible activity sectors:  agriculture, small enterprises in the production sector, businesses involved in general recycling, waste recycling and environmental activities, businesses specialising in hi-tech solutions for industry.
Criteria: Turnover > €750,000 
Eligible expenses: consulting and market analysis, personnel costs (international volunteer contracts, Export Manager, etc.), cost of participation in collective operations and international trade fairs, cost of purchasing international patents
Minimum investment threshold: €10,000
Funding limit: €100,000 
Maximum funding rate: 50%
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