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Are you a start-up who wants to grow in Toulouse? The French Tech Toulouse is for you!

The French tech Toulouse, which extends over the urban area of Toulouse, facilitates and accelerates the development of all the start-ups of the territory.

French Tech Toulouse aims to federate the collective to the benefit of start-ups, thus increasing their visibility, favoring the attractiveness of the territory to make it the preferred destination for innovation talents.

Fostering the pace of growth and the rise of start-ups is above all to mobilize and federate the players in the territory around a common development strategy. This launch aid is available on three floors, with concrete actions always aimed at start-ups.

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The urban area of Toulouse is unique, heir to an industry focused on aeronautics and space, structured around major centers of competitiveness for France, but also diversified with new areas, not digital, health,

Toulouse is the world's capital of aeronautical activities, Europe's No. 1 in space activities, No. 1 in France for embedded electronic systems.

The Quai des Savoirs, totem building of the French Tech Toulouse, temple of the scientific culture, it is also the heart of the digital Toulouse. It houses the French Tech Toulouse, but also essential functions such as the Cantine, the Laboratory of Usages, a showroom of innovative services, ...

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Bpifrance, Direccte, Toulouse Métropole, Sicoval, the Region, CCI, Madeeli, La Mêlée, DigitalPlace, IoT Valley, Ekito, French Tech Toulouse ambassadors, start-ups ...

The French Tech Toulouse collective brings together some 20 public and private players. They strive to achieve common goals: the growth and outreach of start-ups.

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Take advantage of French Tech Toulouse's interventions abroad. The French Tech Hubs aim to create and structure local communities and thus facilitate the development of start-ups in Toulouse outside the borders.

In New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, San Francisco and Moscow in 2015, six new French Tech Hubs were awarded the label in early 2016 (Abidjan, Cape Town, Montreal, Hong Kong, Barcelona and London).

But the French tech Toulouse also manages specific actions, by being present at international fairs or by taking part in one-off missions.

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